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Board Special Meeting 10:00 AM

During this difficult time, due to the shelter in place orders, we are meeting remotely for the foreseeable future. Our meeting will be held remotely using Zoom Meetings

We invite you to join today's schedule Zoom meeting at 10:00 AM by using your phone attend the meeting.

Dial in   +1 669 900 9128

Meeting ID: 473 484 666
Password: 030616

To ensure that our meetings are as orderly as possible, and to enable public participation at the proper times during the meeting, we are asking that everyone take a moment to ensure your line stays muted until public comment is invited. When it comes time for public comment, we will leave enough time for folks to unmute and speak to the entire group and our board. Because attendees cannot see each other's mute status, we will simply need to be patient as we wait in between comments, and do our best not to speak over each other. Please state your name for the record before sharing comments.

We're committed to keeping the public engaged throughout this crisis and appreciate your help making that happen.

If you need assistance logging into the meeting call the office (530)533-2000 or email