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Sewer Service Inquiries

Are you interested in developing a property?

Do you need a new sewer connection? 

Does your existing sewer lateral need repairs or replacement?

Use the application form below to contact LOAPUD and start the permitting process.

The service applied for hereby shall be in accordance with the conditions hereinafter set forth and the ordinances, rules, regulations and policies adopted, or to be adopted, by the Board of Directors of District, all of which Applicant agrees to abide by and fully perform.  Applicant agrees to pay for such service at rates and charges as are established by District from time to time.


1.  In accepting this application, District does not hold itself liable to Applicant for failure to perform any of the obligations imposed upon it or assumed by it under this application if such failure be caused by accident, Act of God, fire, strikes, riots, war, lack of capacity in SC-OR treatment/disposal plant or District’s lines to handle the sewage or nay other cause beyond reasonable control of District.

2.  Installation of the sewer service line pertinent to this application shall conform in all respects to District’s specifications.

Section 5 Specification for Sewer Connection 10-13-2011.pdf

3.   All structures, fencing, spoil materials, engineered fill and retaining walls require a District Encroachment Permit and must be approved by District.

4.  Applicant shall secure permit(s) as necessary from the City of Oroville or County of Butte prior to doing any work, including encroachment permits when work is within county right of way.

5.  Installation of the subject sewer line shall be at the sole cost and expense of Applicant.

6.    Actual connection of the sewer service line to District’s sewer mainline shall be accomplished by District staff.

7.  All work shall be inspected and approved by District.

8.  Subject to the above conditions and completion of the application below a District Permit may be issued.

9.  The permit is valid for one (1) year.  If work is not completed within said year, permit renewal will be required, together with payment of any increase in capacity fee, connection fee and/or SC-OR Facility Charge.

10.   Monthly sewer service charge billings will commence on the date the permit is finaled by District staff.

        *Monthly charges are payable at the current rate established by the Board of Directors of LOAPUD

 Payment of Fees/Charges required prior to issuing permit.



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This is not a permit. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your inquiry.